Saturday 20 Oct 2018
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Beginner Bootcamp

Beginner Bootcamp

Are you too worried to get out and exercise because of what other people will think....well now we have a solution - Beginner Bootcamp.

Don't be intimidated or left at the back of the pack...reach the goals that you set out to achieve!

If you've never done a push up or a sit up, you've never been athletic, don't know how to flip a tyre or carry a rope, you wont feel out of place here. Although Beginner Bootcamp runs as a group, it is designed to facilitate all Bootcampers, especially beginners. We know precisely how to tailor the workous to each individual, so you caan be sure you always get what you need.

If the idea of putting on exercise clothes and getting out there makes you feel a little uncomfortable, we understand and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Many people come to us exactly the same way and then quickly realise that others are just like them, and instantly relax - enjoying the team atmosphere and lack of judgment.

This is one of the reasons our BEGINNER BOOTCAMP is so popular.

Beginner Bootcamps get results faster than any other method, and before long you will find your body and attitude to exercise change. We've helped hundreds of people just like you get back their fitness (or find it for the first time) and begin to enjoy life to the full!

Beginner Bootcamp is a structured, proven program that provides accountability, inspiration and the expert guidance you need to transform your body and your life.

Our beginner bootcamp instructor Lyndell is the perfect person to get you motivated, having lost 90kg and found her passion for fitness, she knows exactly what it takes to reach your goals and is determined to help people achieve things they never thought possible. Lyndell regularly participates in events including Paluma Push, King/Queen of the Hill and Adventurethon. 

Don't waste another day...get fit and lose fat, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Courses run 5 week blocks

6am-7am Tuesday and Thursday

Check out our SIGN UP page for NEXT COURSE DATES

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