Saturday 20 Oct 2018
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Client Stories

Here are some comments that our clients have taken the effort to give back to us. Thankyou for all the feedback from our clients, we always appreciate it.


If I hadn’t connected with my Revive Trainer and tried to go it alone, I do not believe that I would have persisted with my commitment to my own physical transformation. Lyndell is someone in my life who supports what I am trying to do – something that would otherwise be missing in my life.
Lyndell encourages me to try new activities, and to try harder. When appropriate, she will share elements of her own journey so that I have a basis of comparison for my own progress. I certainly don’t want to do exactly what Lyndell did. I’m aiming to lose half the amount of weight she did, in twice the amount of time. I don’t have the personal competitiveness to drive myself as hard as Lyndell did – as outlined in her book, which is a MUST read for larger women who are looking for a real story about a real person.
Thanks for pushing me today. I need good verbal motivation because that inner voice that people hear sort of disappears when you are as deaf as I am. So external promptings are very important with/for/to me.
Also, thank you for being with me on this journey upon which I have embarked. You will be endeared in my heart by the time I arrive, as there will be no way of separating you from that achievement. (Sure, I might potentially mutter away under my breath about you during the hard times, even swear, maybe even resist a little, but don't take it to heart. Keep your eye on my goal for when I lose sight of it, or it just seems so far away to reach.) We WILL get there!!!

Hey Lyndell
Just wanted to thank you for your patience with me today!  You were so right... I should have had a 'proper' lunch.  Nevermind, learning all the time... tomorrow is another day! : )
You are such a wonderful P.T!  You know how to push me when I need it and also when to help me or stop when I cant go any further.  Im just soooooo incredibly thankful that God has placed you in my life!  You are always so cheerful and encouraging... and although I am a long way off ... maybe one day I might actually think of hard exercise as fun like you do!! lol!  (still amazed that you would want a boot camp session for your birthday!! you are an amazing lady! :)
God Bless,
At my initial assessment I weighed 62kg & was just outside the average BMI for my height & weight. At my last assessment 2 weeks before my wedding I weighed 56kg so had lost a total of 6kg which was amazing & exceeded my expectations. I had high hopes of loosing 5kg but didn’t think this possible as I am a fairly fit person, working out regularly & eating healthy but had not been able to get below 59kg in some years.  I can honestly say that I would not have been able to achieve such amazing results without my Revive Trainer.

If you are thinking of signing up for personal training I highly recommend it , but I do so with a warning: be prepared to work hard & avoid complaining as they will make you work even harder, you are there for a purpose




"Being a performance artist within various circus groups requires a great deal of physical fitness and strength. Since training with my Revive Trainer, I have rebuilt my ideal tone and body shape thanks to the programs and diet that he helped me implement into my everyday life. Because my primary field of work is in retail managment, I have limited time in my schedule to train, it was important to have both a flexible and motivational trainer that could drive me to achieve my desired result in the small amount of time that I had available.

My Revive trainer understood my needs and wants and implemented a plan that gave me support and encouragement, but most importantly, results. I would reccommend a Revive Trainer to any fitness beginner or enthusiast who wants to improve their body, image and quality of life through personal training."



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